Welcome to anchoragepeds.com. This was the website for the office of Dr. Mary Ann Jacob, M.D., which closed in 2023. If you need to reach someone about your outstanding bill or insurance claims, please call 907—274-0778. Payments may be sent to:

Dr. Mary Ann Jacob

PO Box 141789 .Anchorage, Alaska, 99514. If you are a parent of one of our patients and signed the Release of Information that was sent to you when we closed, those records have already been forwarded to your new practice. We have arranged for a local group, The Children’s Clinic, to be the permanent repository for all our medical records for as long as they legally have to be retained. Their phone number is 907-562-2944 and their email address is: [email protected]). Please allow 5 business days for the retrieval of records from their archives.

It was a privilege to care for your children, and we are honored that you entrusted us with their care. All of our staff wishes you and your family the best of health.